About Us


We are a full service music company based in Los Angeles, offering orchestration, music preparation, and other music services so you can focus on writing. We are committed to lift the quality level of your project to meet the highest professional standards.

Also, we offer professional publishing for composers and arrangers of all kinds of music and ensemble sizes: orchestra, wind ensemble,  chamber music, solo pieces, including film and videogame suites, theatre scores and didactic materials.

Our scores are clear and stylish, to maximize the efficiency of your time at the scoring stage or rehearsals. Players will be capable to sight-read them easily and doubtless, and structural points will be evident and fast to locate. Everything is delivered in an exquisite presentation. We are a team of detail oriented, music professionals with strong experience in media and concert music, therefore you can trust that your project will be on highly qualified hands.

Please contact us for further inquiries about your needs and how we can help you.