About Us

Canyamel Music is a full service music company based in Boston, Massachusetts, offering composition and music production of original custom-made music of high artistic quality and an impeccable level of production.


Create personalized music that transmits emotions in an intense way, transferring ideas, feelings and stories to an inspired original musical composition.
Canyamel Music firmly believes in each project in which it gets involved, and works closely with the client to contribute with the musical experience that best suits each situation, providing the highest artistic quality and impeccable level of production.


Elevate and intensify the experiences of society through music, creating music that intensifies the way people feel, fostering their creativity, and increasing the emotional impact with which individual activities contribute to the sense of belonging to a community.
Music has the power to initiate, amplify, and influence emotions. It is received in a different way by each person, and at the same is able to bring people and common beliefs together. Canyamel Music believes in the human need to feel music with which they feel identified, and in the social relevance of creating music that accompanies people’s lives and feelings.